Rajiv Tuli

Managing Partner

Areas Of Practice:

Rajiv has been a part of the Legal Fraternity for over 28 years now. His practices cover diverse areas of Cross-Border Transactions, International Taxation, Contract Negotiations, Commercial and Tax Litigation, Banking, and Project Finance, Commercial Arbitration, Business Structuring, Government, Regulatory and Secretarial Affairs, Foreign Collaborations and Joint Ventures, Inbound and Outbound Foreign Investment, National / International Not-for-Profit Companies / Trusts / Societies.

His clientele includes Multinational Companies, Investment Banks, Family-Owned Businesses, Not-for-Profit Organizations, Funds, and High-net-Worth Individuals  He has been instrumental in luring foreign investment for the setting up of units in SEZ/STPI. He has represented the Firm before Government Authorities on various export and import policies, and taxation issues relating to amendments and clarifications favoring trade bodies.

He has further represented the Organization at various forums, including trade bodies and the Chamber of Commerce. His recent assignments include advisory services to the India arm of a US mobile content developer with a global presence; restructuring and advising the Indian chapter of a Japanese not-for-profit organization, establishing the International Trade Chamber of commerce between India and Turkey, Helping foreign investors to set up school and colleges in various parts of the country, setting up the US and Mauritian Joint Venture for Indian Clients, advising a UK-based security giant on the acquisition of 100% equity of an Indian company; the financial structuring of an educational trust; and FCRA registrations for charitable trusts.


What motivated you to choose law as a career? Please tell us about your experience in law school?

I started my career as a Chartered Accountant but after some time I realized that Chartered Accountants are generally in the field of Direct Taxes and Audits etc.

I was from the very beginning practicing in Advising the Foreign companies to set up their business operations in India and Indians planning to set up business abroad or set up of EOUs, SEZs, etc.

I realized my limitations being CA as not being able to take up advisory and litigation aspects. I thought it was better that I should move on and switched from CA to Law practice in 2004. Since then, I am practicing as a Lawyer and running these Law Firms.

You’re the Managing Partner of LEGALLANDS LLP and VAIDAT Legale Services. Before this, you’ve been the Managing Partner of MARS & Partners too. What motivated you to begin your work in LEGALLANDS LLP?

Initially, I started with a small law firm, I realized that being a lawyer, we need to have better strength in different fields of law such as litigation, Corporate, etc.

Later in 2008, as a Partner with my Colleague, we were running a mid-sized law firm with the name of MARS & Partners in Defence Colony, New Delhi.

In 2012, I incorporated a Sole proprietor Firm with the name Vaidat Legale Services, with my best team of Professionals. Times move and we expanded with a much broader perspective with a focus on better services and a motive to serve International Clients in India LEGALLANDS LLP was formed and is well recognized as a Corporate Law Firm.

Currently, I am Managing an excellent team of professionals who aims to provide the best service and practical solutions to Clients based in India & Abroad.


What’s your take on the role of the Lawyer-Statesman in the contemporary legal landscape?

The law does not exist in a silo. Our world is increasingly complex and interdependent: we have to battle fake news, grapple with the growing influence of intelligent technology and social media, and navigate a legal landscape that is moving from domestic to global. Lawyers have been given the privilege of understanding, interpreting, and advancing laws. We have a responsibility to build a legal framework that fosters innovation and rewards success, but also leaves no one behind.

You’ve done practices in various areas in the law field, which area intrigues you the most and why?

Law itself is a vast and wide field. My main area of practice is always been “Corporate Advisory and Corporate & Commercial Litigation etc.” These are Indirect Taxes including Customs Law, Excise & Service Tax and GST, FEMA, Foreign Trade Policy, SEZ, and Business Setup and Advisories, and specialize in education, healthcare, road transport, infrastructure projects, etc. It is always a challenge to deal with revenue and financial planning and various business models and cases where direct money is involved or cases wherein there’s an invasion of duties or tax evasion or transfer pricing is involved attracts me the most.

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At Legallands, we have a passion for our work, a strong bond with our colleagues, and an unshakeable dedication to our client’s interests. Our people have the ability to imagine, plan for, and help our clients, and one another to achieve the best result. And this is because we see opportunities where some only see problems!

We, as a firm, invest in our people! An environment that supports achievements and contributions, both inside and outside the offices, always is the one in which people thrive. Our conviction to this principle is evident from the fact that most of our present partners started out as associates in The Firm. It is their dedication towards The Firm and their attitude towards our clients, for which I am highly indebted.

Legallands has amassed an enormous amount of knowledge capital that has been built in the passing of every year, every month, and every single day. The Firm’s depth of experience, and comprehensive industry focus, distinguish us from other law firms and inspire our clients’ and colleagues’ loyalty and satisfaction.

Greater achievements lie ahead in the coming years with your support, encouragement, and good wishes.


Managing Partner

Legallands LLP