International Consultancy

Depending on the purpose of your travel, various nations across the world grants a variety of visas and entrance permits. They are the following:-

  • Business visas/Investor Visas;
  • Tourist visas;
  • Transit visas;
  • Student visas;
  • Retirement visas;
  • Entrance permits for the patient and his or her partner;
  • Resident visas;
  • Cultural Visas;
  • Dependent Visa;
  • Work Visa for highly skilled professionals and innovators; Etc.


We at LegalLands LLC FZ are one of the most trusted corporate firms and will offer you the best services which will help you secure your dream visa. We understand that for many clients securing a visa can be a stressful prospect. As the procedure is riddled with a plethora of paperwork and documentation, securing a visa can be an onerous task. We at LegalLands LLC FZ have built the requisite knowledge database and expertise and have put in place robust processes to help you navigate through the conundrums of the complex web of visa procedures providing a seamless experience in your visa application process.

Each nation offers several types of visa based on the purpose of your visit as aforementioned. (For more information you can refer to the content under the section ‘immigration consultancy’ of this website. Link Though several countries offer you portals by which you can submit a visa application, the nitty gritty in the paperwork can prove to be vital for the grant of your visa and hence it is suggested that you seek expert advice. Further certain countries like United Arab Emirates (UAE) mandate the reference by a sponsor for any kind of visa approval which makes expert assistance indispensable. We will help you understand the process, get you the required documents, and will help you fill the application form. We will ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements for obtaining a visa from the specific country you wish to move to.

Further it should be noted that there are specific requirements unique to each kind of visa like student visa, tourist visa, work visa, etc. We will help you understand the specific requirements of the visa you wish to apply for and we will help you submit the paperwork and will help you go through the interview procedure and will help you get your visa.

 The general procedure you must follow to obtain a visa is the following:

  • Select the type of visa
  • Go through the requirements
  • Obtain the necessary documents etc
  • Fill and submit the paperwork
  • Attend the appointment for verification and interview at the country’s embassy or consulate
  • Receive your visa

We will help you in identifying the best strategy for visa approval by advising you on finances to be shown and by advising you on papers to be presented and will help you in filling of paperwork and vetting of the paperwork before submission.

So we suggest you to engage our expertise and take the help of robust processes and systems we have put in place and seamlessly navigate through the conundrums of the complex web of visa procedures to get your desired visa.

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