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What is Marketing, Public Relations and Communication Consultancy?

While understanding Marketing, Public Relations and Communication Consultancy, it is important to break it up and understanding it separately. They are as follows:

  1. Marketing Consultancy

The marketing consultant deals with providing advice, forming strategies and its implementation for increasing the business of the Company. It includes creating of details advertising plans, identification of appropriate market, product allocation, marketing advise, digital marketing etc.


  1. Public Relations Consultancy

Public Relations consultancy relates to the consultancy services which takes care of the public image of the company. It deals with all the activities of how to place the company before the public eye so, it effectively creates an image in the market. From organizing events, public awareness of the company products, press releases, articles, speeches are handled by the Public Relations Consultant.


  1. Communication Consultancy

The Communication Consultant performs the job of developing and writing contents for the internal and external media communication. The Communication consultant strategizes and implement communication style so that the same is prominent and benefits the Company. The Communication consultant deals with formation of speeches, planning interviews etc.

What are the legal scenarios relating to Marketing, Public Relations and Communication Consultancy?

  1. Marketing Consultancy

    • Agreement:- When it comes to hiring for any types of consultancy services there comes the formation of agreement between the company and the consultancy service providers whether it is for marketing, public relations or communication consultancy. It is very important for forming strict guidelines which the both the company and the consultancy service provider should follow to keep the same within the legal boundaries and not opting for illegal activities. Further, the main aspects which are important in an agreement is the ‘termination procedure’, ‘dispute resolution’ and ‘Confidentiality’ which should be explained precisely so as act effectively whenever the situation relating to the above related clause arises.
    • Legal Restrictions:- The marketing services provided by the Marketing consultancy should within the legal boundaries and should not be such, which is defamatory, discriminatory and biased, and negligence of any one of it can pull the Company to legal unavoidable legal consequences.

Legallands provides with the Legal Services of formation of contracts between the parties to protect the involving parties from any disruption in work and laying down the postulates based on which consultancy services can be derived in the most authentic manner.

Legallands also provides with adequate dispute resolution methods so that even if any dispute arises that can be resolved as soon as possible. Further, if disputes appears to be unresolvable then appropriate remedy through the Court of Law can also be sought.

  1. Public Relations Consultancy
  2. Intellectual Property

The work of the Public Relation Consultant is the proper dissemination of information of the Company. Then the issue of ‘Intellectual Property’ comes into purview. Intellectual property refers to anything that is created by human mind like any type of invention, literary or artistic work, symbols, designs, images, name which is used for commerce. The intellectual property mainly comes under three categories under which the Company can protects its creation i.e. Trademark, Copyright and Patents.

It should be strictly taken care of that the data/information so disseminated is adequately protected so that no individual can unauthorizedly use the same for his own advantage. Thus, the data should be protected under appropriate context of Intellectual property through Intellectual Property Consultant so that no illegal activities can be committed against the data so made available to the public.

Trademark:- Federal Decree Law No. 36 of 2021 on Trademarks of UAE provides the law pertaining to the registration and use of Trademark and also penalties for infringement of Trademark laws. Article 49 to 52 provides for penalties and imprisonment for infringement of Trademark.

Copyright:- Federal Law No. 38 of 2021 on Copyrights and Neighboring Rights, provides for rules and regulations defining ‘Copyright’, the process of registration and penalties for infringement of Copyright. Article 39 to 42 of the Act explains penalties and punishment through imprisonment for infringement of Copyright.

Patent:- Federal Law No. 31 of 2006, promulgated by Law No. 17 of 2002 on Regulation and Protection of Industrial Property of Patents, Industrial Drawings and Designs provides under Article 62 for the penalties and imprisonment for infringement of Patent Laws.

Legallands Provides with advisory as well as registration services for Trademark, Copyright and Patent further, litigation services are provided in case there is an infringement of the Patent rights of the Patent Holder.


  • Legal Restrictions

Any of the content that is shared by the PR Consultant to the outside worked shouldn’t be against the law. Further, when we talk about law it should be understood that data shared at online platform leads to dissemination of information to the whole world. Thus, it is to be taken care of that it is not disrupting the peace and harmony between the countries. It is a very important activity as the good will of the company will be at stake if the legal restrictions are abridged.


  • Cyber-Crime

Nowadays the world is being highly digitized. Thus, the chances of commission of cyber-crime is highly possible. Thus, firstly the information should be secured using strong codification. Secondly, if there is any type of breach immediate legal action should be taken to safeguard the company from suffering from any further loss.

As per the United Arab Emirates, The Federal Law number 5 of 2012 (UAE Cyber Crimes Law) Article 2 of the act stated that any person who obtain unlawful access to system and also includes any person who through his position uses excess of authorized permission will be punished with:

  1. For Unlawful access: Imprisonment and/or fine of AED 1,000 to 3,000/-.
  2. For person who have engaged in any violation: Imprisonment for at least of six months and/or fine between AED 100,000/- to AED 750,000/-.
  3. For violation of Personal Data: Imprisonment for at least of 1 year and/or fine of AED 250,000/- to AED 1 million.

 Article 3 of the Act provides for individuals for both gaining unlawful access and violation will be punished with imprisonment for 1 year and/or fine between AED 250,000/- to AED 1 million.

Article 1 to 11 deals in the violation relating to threat to security system, phishing and forgery.

Article 12 to 27 deals in violation of serious violation by gaining access to the bank account, credit cards etc.

Article 28 to articles thereafter deals with violations and threat towards public order, state security etc.

  1. Communication Consultancy

Communication consultancy includes the process of communication with the public. What is stated will have a direct effect on the company. It should be kept in mind that the communication should not be against legal aspects as well as the moral ethics of the country. It is the Legal Consultant to keep a check on the information being disseminated to the outside world because ultimately it will affect the Company negatively. The communication should not be discriminatory, defamatory or promote racism or violence. It further should not promote any activity which is declared as against the law of the country and further it should also not breach the peace of the country.

  1. Disclaimers: this is a type of communication which is to be made about the product or services provided by the company which should be made with clarity.
  2. Disclosures: Where disclosure about the product or services is to be made, such should be clearly mentioned an it should not cause any confusion to the general public.
  3. Marketing communication: It should not be vague or unclear and should also not promote any type of obscenity or vulgarity.

Legallands provides with the services of formation of agreement between the parties and further provides with dispute resolution and Litigation services to resolve the issue in order to continue smooth working of the Company.

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