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The United Arab Emirates government aspires to introduce hospitality expertise to every corporate hotel. The UAE government started the expansion in the hospitality business a few decades ago by establishing various contemporary and sophisticated hotels and complexes with the goal of making the country the world’s greatest country in the hospitality industry.

The hospitality industry is becoming more powerful as hotel revenues continue to rise. According to the Department of Tourism and Culture Abu Dhabi report, the number of hotel rooms in Abu Dhabi, UAE has increased, resulting in a higher occupancy rate. The increase in investment in the hotel industry, as well as the number of businesspeople and entrepreneurs joining the market, contributed to this rise.


Legallands believes that each company should receive personalised customer care because each has its own personality and individuality. We are a cutting-edge consulting firm that provides specialised services to clients all around the world. To address the challenges of a broad business, we have been providing holistic commercial advising services linked to hospitality, tourism, and other industries.

The online reputation and guest reviews acquired through various promoting or advertising websites are now used to determine the value of a hotel. With our most effective hospitality management solutions, creative tactics of our team, and engaging best business practices for converting any hotel, we focus on designing a solution to acquire worldwide reach and exposure for our client, as it is the keystone for the success of any hotel-based concept.

To provide the finest consultancy, we have divided our topics into categories and have an efficient staff that works with each of the categories to provide the best solution to our clients.

The following are the core areas as identified by us:

  1. MANAGEMENT OF BUSINESS RESOURCES:- One of the most crucial parts of a successful firm is its assets. With this in mind, we look for cost-effective strategies to capitalise on value in a firm, such as repositioning, re-modeling, refinancing, and expansion. Strategic planning, quality control, training planning, and facility recommendations are all part of the asset management process. The primary goal of a hotel asset manager is to assist hotel owners in realising the full potential of their investments through a continuous value development and enhancement process. This is accomplished through maximising income and investment returns by optimising the hotel’s operational, financial, and capital efficiencies, which benefits both the owner and the operator.
  1. STRATEGIC ADVISORY: Legallands has a team of efficient members who aid in taking the hotel’s assets to the next level by uncovering hidden revenue potentials through various selling points. Concept management, asset management, sales management, and revenue management are all part of the Strategic Advisory process.
  1. BUSINESS REVENUE MANAGEMENT: We help individual hotels and hotel chains improve their financial performance by providing yield management and revenue management services such as Rate Strategy, competition evaluation, pricing benchmarking, budget forecasting, and so on.
  1. MANAGEMENT OF ELECTRONIC/DISTRIBUTION:- To maximise direct sales and distribution through online channels, websites, and mobile phones, we push the client hotel’s possible distribution channels forward in order to increase demand.
  1. AUDIT: Our team of professionals has extensive expertise conducting revenue audits for both independent and chain hotels, as the auditing process aids in identifying opportunities and gaps in areas such as forecasting, channel distribution, pricing, and online presence, as well as inventory management.
  1. TRAINING: Our team of professionals specialises in all aspects of the hospitality industry, including communication, business management, business mix and yield management, and front-of-house management.
  1. DATA ANALYSIS: Our data analysis team specialises in Pace Analysis, Pick Up Reports, and Segment Analysis, among other things.


Legallands has a multi-disciplinary team with extensive experience in hotel real estate development to assist developers, investors, and operators in achieving their investment goals. For the development of the project, our team of specialists delivers excellent development techniques to our client. We have been continually offering the incomparable experience defining uniqueness of every business, satisfying the experience of our clients’ guests, and growing our clients’ reputation score on multiple online platforms through our customised approach and high quality services.

It is important to have accurate information about the type of client with whom we are dealing, and we have employees who are skilled at analysing the character and needs of our clients and providing them with the best possible service.

We maintain a varied portfolio by collaborating with both international and local hotels in both high-rise and low-rise destinations. We have creative ideas for managing a wide range of hotels, including boutique hotels, trendy theme hotels, low-cost but modern hotels, beach resorts, spas, and luxury hotels.

Our company in Dubai, UAE, has a strong workforce that can reach out to all seven Emirates of the UAE, as well as neighbouring nations. We have professionals with in-depth understanding of Arab taste and comfort in the hotel industry, and with the help of our team, we are result-oriented and passionate workers who strive to bring out the latent potential and talent in our clients’ projects.


Legallands believes that every business has a distinct personality, and we help to bring that personality to life by involving our team in a four-stage process in which the founder’s ideology is first understood, a commercial solution is considered based on that idea, and the solution is represented, among other things.

The following are the steps in our 4-stage process, or step-by-step methodology, for offering the most adaptable solution to every individual business or chain of businesses:

  1. COMMERCIAL SOLUTION: We have a fine-tuned commercial engine that is fuelled by optimised revenue and effective cost management in order to establish a high-performing hospitality organisation.
  1. REPRESENTATION: Any commercial strategy in a new market necessitates a thorough understanding of regional dynamics, customer insights, the distribution chain, demand flow, rivals, and potential entry hurdles. We adopt a modern approach to representation and set you up so that your brand gets off to a great start in the region, giving your sales team the tools they need to take over in the future. Because each brand is unique, we adapt our collaborations based on a variety of factors, including positioning, market potential, previous market history, and more. We can assist our clients in maximizing their global sales efforts to obtain incremental sales from the Middle Eastern region by using our connections, local expertise, and experience. Our strategy is adaptable to meet the demands and objectives of any brand.
  1. DEVELOPMENT AND LEARNING: The heart and soul of any successful organisation is skilled and capable employees. We are always evolving because we recognise that staying ahead of the curve requires adaptation. Our learning and development activities are an important part of our overall strategy. Learning programmes that improve your team’s knowledge, abilities, and attitude are necessary to complement the execution of processes, policies, and systems. For effective results, empowered teams are essential.
  1. RESEARCH: Data and market intelligence are critical for making educated decisions, devising new tactics, and harnessing the potential of data. We are committed to developing the hotel, travel, and tourist businesses in the GCC and Middle East by enhancing the availability of relevant and current data and insights. We do primary data collecting and executive interviews in the hospitality, travel, and tourism industries through our dedicated research section to answer urgent issues and unearth insights that drive industry evolution.

Legallands has a well-defined framework and procedure for working that allows our clients to have complete transparency and zero uncertainty while working with us on any project. We provide exceptional service at an affordable price. Our step-by-step involvement in any project is distinctive in its own way, just like the individual characteristics of each of our clients.

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At Legallands, we have a passion for our work, a strong bond with our colleagues, and an unshakeable dedication to our client’s interests. Our people have the ability to imagine, plan for, and help our clients, and one another to achieve the best result. And this is because we see opportunities where some only see problems!

We, as a firm, invest in our people! An environment that supports achievements and contributions, both inside and outside the offices, always is the one in which people thrive. Our conviction to this principle is evident from the fact that most of our present partners started out as associates in The Firm. It is their dedication towards The Firm and their attitude towards our clients, for which I am highly indebted.

Legallands has amassed an enormous amount of knowledge capital that has been built in the passing of every year, every month, and every single day. The Firm’s depth of experience, and comprehensive industry focus, distinguish us from other law firms and inspire our clients’ and colleagues’ loyalty and satisfaction.

Greater achievements lie ahead in the coming years with your support, encouragement, and good wishes.


Managing Partner

Legallands LLP