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Most businesses in the UAE today have a lot of unstructured data, which includes Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, scanned photos, and PDFs, among other things. Enterprise Content Management/Digital Content Management is a solution created primarily to handle all of the company’s electronic documents. These unstructured documents will be securely preserved and made available exclusively to individuals who are associated with the company or with whom the company wishes to disclose such material under ECM.

ECM was established to assist businesses in having a systematic organisation for unstructured data and a secure platform to store their digital content/information, allowing them to work more efficiently and grow their business.

ECM does not limit its approach to data management to a single type of business or corporation, but it does assist a wide range of businesses in:

  • Reducing the risk that a firm may face.
  • Increase corporate efficiency and provide better customer service.
  • Simplify company processes
  • Reduce the use of paper in corporate operations

Enterprise content management is software that collects, analyzes, organises, and secures information at every stage of a document’s lifecycle. It also automates essential business activities and enhances all aspects of dealing with a company’s electronic documents. Legallands’ ECM solution will help businesses in the UAE simplify, secure, and improve the efficiency of paperless document storage. It will assist firms or companies in organizing and regulating their content over the course of their existence.


Every business in today’s world uses emails, spreadsheets, presentations, and other similar tools to conduct their operations more efficiently, and this is certainly relevant in cities like Dubai. As a result, it’s crucial for companies to maintain track of and manage their data in order to share it easily across countries.

Such data sharing and cooperation necessitates immediate access to files, papers, and other associated resources. All of this content is frequently stored on a computer’s hard disc, which is extremely dangerous, and as the amount of unstructured content grows, so will the risk of handling and managing it. A good ECM software is required to reduce such risk. The major goal of an ECM is to give every associated company easy and fast access to help them maintaining an organised data, track critical information to finish a project, boost efficiency, and make better and more informed judgments.


One of the key reasons that most businesses in the UAE now use ECM to manage and secure their electronic documents and content is the push toward digitalization. In today’s market, mobile capacity, cloud technology, and machine learning have given numerous opportunities for every type of company to thrive. Additionally, businesses’ growing interest including images, videos, audio, and other media has been a recent trend. All of this has become an important step in redefining traditional Enterprise Content Management solutions.

An ECM is a software that combines the digital application and management of a company’s information to support its business goals and processes. It allows a company to ensure that the information they require is easily accessible and without delay. Businesses that use ECM may simply automate procedures, increase productivity, and encourage employees to collaborate more effectively.

Beyond simply keeping track of documents, ECM allows businesses to reduce money, time, and effort associated with document management. Any person affiliated with the business/company can simply find specific phrases or words within the metadata, annotations, entry names, document texts, and so on once the documents have been safely stored.

Apart from that, businesses in the UAE can save time by making information requested by auditors, clients, and others easily accessible. All data and information will be available to the company’s employees immediately.


All that is required for a company’s efficient operation is good handling of the company’s content, document importation, and quick access to digitally stored information. Research reports, letters, contracts, invoices, resumes, and other documents can all be digitally captured, stored, and simplified using the following methods:

  1. Filling and categorising documents from MFPs, servers, and other shared sites automatically.
  2. Managing files that have already been converted to digital formats, such as video, pictures, PDFs, and MS Office documents
  3. Scanning documents on paper
  4. The use of electronic forms to digitalize documents

Using ECM will eliminate labor-intensive duplication, document misplacing concerns, and retrieval difficulties, among other things. Businesses that use an ECM system will be able to keep vital business information in a secure digital repository, allowing ECM to:

  1. View and update all of the documents stored.
  2. Use a highly flexible folder structure to properly organise all documents.
  3. Examine document metadata


According to the current business models in the UAE, digitised information and business processes are a requirement for every organisation to remain successful. By establishing a strategic company-wide digital platform with Legallands ECM, a company can make its digital information available anywhere, at any time.

With Legallands, both a startup and an established firm can receive the greatest possible user experience and degree of productivity from our staff at a low cost in delivering a streamlined approach for organising a company’s digital assets. Legallands is a reliable platform in the market that helps businesses manage and organise their digital content by recording, indexing, properly storing, retrieving, and disposing of records and information for all of their clients.

The key objective of Legallands is to make it possible to use unconfigured information and documents in a digital environment from a single place and to make it easy to access by permitting multithreading. Legallands supports a variety of languages, including English and Arabic, and can readily interact with a variety of local systems and software, such as LDAP, SAP, Active Directory, and other internet data providers.

Legallands ECM provides the following benefits or advantages to the associated company:

  1. Capture data from any form of online or offline document 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. The ability to integrate with a wide range of systems
  3. Earning potential and automatic learning
  4. Increased productivity while cutting costs.
  5. Web-based system that works with all major browsers.
  6. Price flexibility
  7. User-friendly, simple to understand and adjust.
  8. Graphic user interface allows for customization.
  9. Electronic Signatures and Digital Signatures
  10. Support for iOS and Android mobile applications

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