About Us

LEGALLANDS an Overview

  1. Known particularly for our cross-border work, including representation of national governments, LegalLands LLC FZ is amongst the most prestigious firms around. We are a leading global corporate firm, research and strategy driven, with offices in several countries having an unparalleled reputation for groundbreaking work and having Attorneys who qualified Bar in several foreign jurisdictions and Corporate professionals as an integral part of our team, and all this paraphernalia, to be delivered at the whims and fancies of our clients. We are the go-to specialists for entities around the world, looking to conduct businesses in India and Dubai and for entities having roots in India and Dubai considering business expansion abroad. While being long known as a dominant player in the international and corporate business world, we come in our present avatar as ‘Legallands LLC FZ’ after building capabilities in diverse areas such as corporate services, Business services, Dispute Resolution and litigation in foreign jurisdictions serving a full course of services to clients with the resources at hand.
  2. Our core operations include providing services for International Trade Facilitation, International Dispute Resolutions including Arbitration , Business Set up and compliance, Corporate structuring& compliances/Approvals, Tax, Real Estate, Corporate Secretarial Services, Joint Ventures and Foreign Collaborations, Technology Transfer services, Project Management, FinTech Solutions, Bio Technology and Health Care Advisory, Intellectual Property Rights, Government Dealings, Immigration Law Services & Visa Support, Legal drafting services, Digital Content Services, Public relation Services, Advisory services, Licenses and Approvals etc.
  3. We at Legallands LLC FZ, are active collaborators in shaping regulatory environments around the world and while being the collaborators and enablers have developed capacities, resources and capabilities to dexterously navigate through the web of complexities that serve as hindrances to our clients’ interests. Our think-tank endeavors and guides our man power to strive for excellence by continuously prodding and brainstorming to diversify and build knowledge, expertise thereby creating an eco-system which mutually benefit our personnel and our clients. We help you break barriers and merge frontiers giving you the access for avenues hitherto unexplored. We are your one stop solution for endless growth and illustrious milestones.


The legal profession has undergone significant changes as a result of globalization and the surge of cross border transactions and deals which require the expertise of professionals of different disciplines in different countries of the world.

During this period, one has seen the advent of various professional networks and alliances which facilitate the location of professionals with specific expertise who can assist clients anywhere on this world in implementing cross border transactions and deals. Legallands is a professional network and well recognized for the quality and reputation of its members.

LEGALLANDS Vision & Mantra

  • Updated Knowledge of Laws
  • Use of the State-of-the-Art Technology
  • Time Management
  • Arranging the best Human Resources for our Patrons
  • Quality Assurance


LEGALLANDS pursue a practical approach towards providing impeccable Legale Services and emphasizing on the culture which aims at ascertaining a substitute against prolonged litigation. We accomplish our assignments in an efficient manner, which is attained by maximizing the individual’s potential, whilst emphasizing on the end product and nurturing an organizational environment where coordination is in the ambience and creativity is the essence.

Our fraternal values assist in crafting of an organization where our professional teams, network alliances and associates are committed towards the fundamental beliefs and strategies to provide all sorts of Legale Services to our patrons under one umbrella.

LEGALLANDS Guiding Principles and Belief

At LEGALLANDS we follow the policy of Dedication, Sincerity and Straight Forward Practical Approach. Our practical approach embarks upon the Patrons expectations, and we are more focused on providing spot-on and easy solutions rather than entangling them into prolonged procedural fuss.

The Legal profession has undergone a drastic change as a result of globalization, which demands harmonization amongst the fraternity of professionals and also to incorporate a Global code of Conduct based on the foundation for serving the patrons in the best possible manner.

Our Guiding Principles and Beliefs have assisted us in keeping pace with the modern requirements and also helped us to successfully handle various domestic and cross border transactions.

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At Legallands, we have a passion for our work, a strong bond with our colleagues, and an unshakeable dedication to our client’s interests. Our people have the ability to imagine, plan for, and help our clients, and one another to achieve the best result. And this is because we see opportunities where some only see problems!

We, as a firm, invest in our people! An environment that supports achievements and contributions, both inside and outside the offices, always is the one in which people thrive. Our conviction to this principle is evident from the fact that most of our present partners started out as associates in The Firm. It is their dedication towards The Firm and their attitude towards our clients, for which I am highly indebted.

Legallands has amassed an enormous amount of knowledge capital that has been built in the passing of every year, every month, and every single day. The Firm’s depth of experience, and comprehensive industry focus, distinguish us from other law firms and inspire our clients’ and colleagues’ loyalty and satisfaction.

Greater achievements lie ahead in the coming years with your support, encouragement, and good wishes.


Managing Partner

Legallands LLP